Reduce the Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) For Families in HDB’s Fresh Start Housing Scheme


Government To Shorten MOP

The government is open to enabling families in the Fresh Start Housing Scheme to shorten the 20-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) should their family and financial circumstances improve, reported Channel NewsAsia. “There ’s MOP for commitment, but also there’s a flexibility to look at things at a case by case basis.

Dr Maliki, who also chairs the Fresh Start Advisory Committee, noted that families are given a “sense since they will be receiving a home grant from the government for the second time of contracting along with a confidence by the MOP.

Real Case

Despite being under steady employment for the past few years, Mdm Jamnah was ineligible for a second housing grant to own a house. The former homeowner now lives in a two-room public rental flat with her teen daughter and eight-year old son. With the Fresh Start Housing Scheme, nevertheless, Mdm Jamnah has the opportunity to own a home again.

While the Fresh Start Housing scheme provides a well robust for the home seekers, on the other hand, the private residential sector is also seeing some exciting take up rate for good projects like the one near MRT, The Artra Condo beside Redhill MRT.

What The Family is Looking For

The 43-year-old disclosed that her family desires to “to have a very nice kitchen, with cabinets, so everything all will be organized nicely ”.
This sense of ownership is what the government expects to give to rental flat families through the brand new scheme.

Around 1,000 public rental families are expected to qualify for the scheme. Dr Maliki revealed that various agencies including the Community Development Councils, the Ministry of Social and Family Development and Workforce Singapore will work with those who may not qualify in the moment to help them qualify later on.