Overview of Procedure, Aftercare and Tips on What to Eat for Coolsculpting in Singapore

Slim Body with Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting in Singapore is a new and non-surgical fat eliminating treatment designed to reduce unwanted fats in the body. The word “cool” means the treatment uses controlled cold temperatures to freeze stubborn fat cells in targeted areas.

The frozen fat cells then die and the body’s immune system eliminates them naturally out of the body. This treatment is the best alternative for people who do not have time and energy to undergo intensive weight-loss programs with rigorous training and physical activity and also for people who do not want to undergo liposuction, the surgical procedure to get rid of fats.

Another great feature of CoolSculpting in Singapore is the long-term effects of fat freezing since the fat cells are totally being destroyed. In other words, with CoolSculpting, there is a permanent reduction in the number of stubborn fat cells resulting in noticeable and long-lasting slimming effects. Commonly treated areas are the stomach, thigh, double chin, back, buttocks and muffin-tops or fats that extends horizontally over the edges of the waistline.

Not everyone is a good candidate…

While CoolSculpting can bring a lot of benefits, it is not for everyone. For starters, CoolSculpting can only remove fats on a specific target area, not the entire body. Therefore, CoolSculpting is not a solution for weight-loss and definitely not a treatment for obesity.

If all you need is to get rid of unwanted fats in certain body parts, then CoolSculpting is a good option. However, if you want total weight-loss, then you should talk to your doctor for proper advice. If you want to know if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting, book an appointment at MY Medical Aesthetics, one of the leading aesthetics clinics that provides safe and effective CoolSculpting in Singapore. Conveniently located at the heart of Bugis and led by Dr Lim Ming Yee, a certified and established aesthetic doctor in Singapore, MY Medical Aesthetics will help you lose all that unwanted fats and achieve the body shape that you want.


Coolsculpting procedure

Coolsculpting is a virtually painless procedure and can be done in under 60 minutes. It is a non-invasive, FDA-approved and safe procedure. For CoolSculpting in Singapore, an applicator delivers controlled cooling temperatures to the treatment areas. This action numbs the fat cells and will eventually die and flushed out of the body.

Do note that the duration and total cost of the treatment is greatly influenced by the size of the treatment area. After CoolSculpting treatment, you can easily go back to your daily activities although some side effects such as swelling and redness in the treated areas are normal and will go away on their own within a week after the treatment.

Aftercare and tips on what to eat after Coolsculpting treatment

While there is no expected downtime following a CoolSculpting treatment, it is always a good idea to take care of your body and get proper advice from your doctor.

It is always a good idea to take good care of your body and make sure that you are in top shape. One of the best ways to care of your body is to choose foods that actually bring good benefits to your health. So, to help you in that department MY Medical Aesthetics cannot stress enough the importance of eating the following foods:

  • Fresh, whole foods.

Fresh, whole foods

Foods that do not undergo any food processing is called whole foods. These foods include fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. Substitute processed and instant meals with freshly cooked food with fresh ingredients. This way, you can get the most out of the good nutrients from the food you eat compared to processed foods that have very little to no nutrients at all and jam-packed with damaging preservatives. Good nutrition is important to have your body in healthy as well as keeping you from developing fat deposits after a CoolSculpting treatment.

  • A daily dose of antioxidant-rich foods.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that can sweep away free radicals in your body. Antioxidants are also important in supporting your body’s immune system. Having low levels of antioxidants after a CoolSculpting treatment can delay your recovery process. Take a daily dose of antioxidant-rich foods to boost your immune system and prevent developing complications.

A gentle reminder…

Do not over-eat! Obviously, after a CoolSculpting in Singapore, nobody wants to have those fat bulges ever again. So, to keep yourself from gaining unwanted fats, avoid the temptation of over-eating. Plan your meals ahead so you can have better control of what you are eating. Discipline yourself to eat to just the right portions, enough to make you feel satisfied, but not too full. Say no to all-you-can-eat events and buffets as they are the culprits that encourage over-eating. If you really need to have a snack in between meals, make sure that you eat the healthy foods recommended by MY Medical Aesthetics to maintain your newly improved body shape.


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