The Role of Food in Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED), or more commonly called as impotence, is a common condition that occurs in men, especially as they get older. While erectile dysfunction does not cause serious medical conditions that can potentially harm the affected individual, erectile dysfunction is usually a very sensitive and personal topic and most men in Singapore are even wary of talking about it their partners.

The struggles of men with erectile dysfunction.

Some of the major struggles of men with erectile dysfunction include an unsatisfactory sex life, loss in interest in sexual intercourse and most importantly, men with erectile dysfunction do not have the ability to impregnate their wives or partners. For most men that have this condition, it can be very hard to ask help and seek erectile dysfunction treatments because of the negative effects it can bring to one’s self-esteem and confidence. It can even lead to depression in men and having erectile dysfunction for most of your life can really be a serious problem that needs medical attention.

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Where to get erectile dysfunction treatments in Singapore?

To help you overcome the erectile dysfunction and the stigma that comes with it, DB Clinic in Singapore is a speciality clinic dedicated to helping patients with sexual health issues achieve treatment for a better quality of life, especially in the area of sexual intimacy. DB Clinic offers erectile dysfunction treatments with full confidentiality to help them break away from the stigma and of course, get proper medical attention.

Are there natural ways for erectile dysfunction treatments?

Too much smoking, alcohol use, unhealthy diet and substance abuse can cause erectile dysfunction in men. If you are experiencing the condition and can actually point out that you have very unhealthy lifestyle practices, then maybe it’s time that you make an about-turn and start living your life in a healthy way. Unhealthy lifestyle changes make the blood vessels in men’s bodies very unhealthy as well, resulting in erectile dysfunction.

For these causes, doctors at DB Clinic usually do not recommend erectile dysfunction treatments as it can be remedied by healthy lifestyle changes. Practical lifestyle changes to make your blood vessels healthier include quitting smoking, increasing physical activity, losing weight (for overweight individuals), taking a break from stressful environments and activities and stop substance abuse.

What is healthy food to eat to manage erectile dysfunction?

To help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and manage erectile dysfunction, DB Clinic recommends that you eat more of these following healthy foods:

  1. Cocoa (rich in flavonoids)

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The rich concentrations of flavonoids found in cocoa have been found to increase blood flow. For your snack time, munch on some dark chocolates to load your body with flavonoids and help you have better blood flow and eventually help in your erectile dysfunction. In addition, flavonoids also help improve one’s cardiovascular health. Do note, however, that certain cocoa products like milk chocolate and chocolate drinks are loaded with added sugar and fat in them and therefore, not very good for your health, so better stay away from these products.

  1. Pistachio (rich in protein)

Research shows that consuming large amounts of pistachio can greatly improve erectile function. So, if you aren’t a fan of this tasty green nut, better make yourself accustomed to it and make sure you make it as part of your diet to reap the benefits it can offer.

  1. Watermelons (rich in antioxidants)

One study from Texas A&M University, USA have reported that citrulline, a compound found in watermelons can actually improve blood flow and relax blood vessels similar to how blood vessel medications improve erectile dysfunction. Watermelons are also rich in antioxidants that clean free radicals from the bloodstream, making your blood vessels healthier.

  1. Tomatoes (rich in lycopene)

Lycopene is a good phytonutrient that improves sexual function. Studies have shown that lycopene, when taken in high concentrations, can also fight male infertility and prevent prostate cancer. Tomatoes have been known to have high concentrations of lycopene, so load up your salads and meals with tomatoes to get all the healthy goodness from lycopene.

  1. Leafy Greens (rich in nitrates)

Having plenty of available nitrates in your blood helps in maintaining an erection. The main function of nitrates is opening up blood vessels and increase blood flow. In fact, some erectile dysfunction treatments and medications involve some levels of nitrates in them. Fortunately, leafy vegetables are rich in nitrates and are therefore very much recommended to improve sexual health in men.


Sometimes you think that expensive and complicated erectile dysfunction treatments are the only way to help you manage the condition, when in fact, one decision to make healthier lifestyle habits a part of your daily routine can sometimes be the one you need to actually treat the condition. Visit DB Clinic today to learn more about erectile dysfunction treatments and let them help you have a better outlook in life and reach your maximum potential.


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